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Question: From George in Toledo, "What is Ozone and how does it work?"

Thank you George for your question. Ozone is a naturally occurring process in the earth’s stratosphere, it is colorless, and is comprised of three oxygen atoms. It absorbs the ultraviolet component of incoming solar radiation that could be harmful to life on earth. 

In our Industry, Ozone is man-made by an ozone machine for the purpose of :

  • Deodorizing air and objects
  • Remove spores and yeast 
  • Eliminating bacteria on contact surfaces, fabrics

The ozone machine is used in conjunction with air movers to transport the ozone throughout the area. The treatment time is determined based on the size of area and degree of the contaminate(odor). When the process is completed the machine is shut down and the area is ventilated.

Question: Can you remove smoke odor?

Yes, in most circumstances. Every specific odor is handled differently. Smoke, animal odor, cigarette, grease fire, mildew or musty and even major fire odor can be treated and neutralized. These individual processes can involve structure and content cleaning, vapor fogging and even ozone treatments. We customize the process to fit each situation.

Question: After a property fire, can any of my possessions be saved?

Yes, again, in most circumstances. The amount of direct heat, the type of material and its construction, and the time lapse before being treated can all effect the outcome and potential of an item being saved. We do everything possible to save every item and have a great amount of success. Time is important after a property fire, call us immediately!

Question: Who notifies the insurance company after fire, wind, water damage?

You do. Most insurance policies have instructions on how to file a claim and they require the policy holder to mitigate or prevent further damage. When you have an emergency, feel free to call us. We can help you by mitigating the damage and satisfying that insurance requirement. Even after hours and on the weekend. 24/7, We are here to help.

Question: What is the process after Cleaner & Dryer is called?

While each emergency is handled differently, the steps we take are the same.

  1. A site visit is made to view and determine the damage and the work that is required.
  2. Mitigation work begins and an estimate is created.
  3. Communication between us and the insurance company is established.
  4. When mitigation work is complete, a final walk through with the policy holder is done to insure their satisfaction.
  5. If construction services are needed, we prepare and estimate for approval.
  6. The construction is completed and another final walk through is done with the policy holder to insure their satisfaction.
Question: How long does clean-up take?

Every loss is unique and each is handled based on the individual needs. We follow industry standards and our job is not done until all damaged areas are returned to pre-loss condition or better and you are satisfied.

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